Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ADHD and Homeschooling

My child is diagnosed with ADHD. Ever since she was 2 years old, I noticed that she is more active than most of the children her age and when she started school in a conventional school, teachers were very reluctant to deal with her hyperactivity. Very few educators especially in preschool have the knowledge what more the expertise on how they should deal with kids with ADHD.

As a parent, I am aware that I should be an advocate of the ADHD education. I started researching about it - in books, in interviews, the net, pediatricians, behavioral physicians, psychologists, etc.

To the best of my knowledge, homeschooling is the best scenario a student with ADHD can have. Someone with ADHD can suffer tremendously and needlessly in the regular school setting. My child does not do well in writing. Her penmanship is simply not good. She can be picked on almost everyday by teachers and fellow students and her self-image is at stake. Being at home gives her a more relaxed atmosphere with everything she is familiar with. She can focused more on her lessons and can ask as many questions as she likes. She can learn at her own pace. She can be the best that God wants her to be. She can be herself.

Thank God for all the parents and teachers and friends who advocate homeschooling. They are our present-day heroes!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Child Gets the Best Education in our Home

I am so happy with my child's education. It is a win-win situation for our family. I have weighed all the advantages and disadvantages . The result? Homeschooling has more advantages for our family than it has disadvantages.

The following are the advantages:

1. I can use a homeschool curriculum which includes values and christian principles which my family embraces. My child used to go to a regular school where the curriculum lacks the necessary values I want my child to learn and live by. The teachers were not consistent in their practice and behavior I want my child to emulate. Some classmates and schoolmates can be bad influence on my child's character. There were bullying situations which the school system cannot process properly. At home, the values would be more enforced and there will be less conflicts or zero conflict at all in value and culture system.

You may contact the following for homeschool curriculum in the Philippines:

School of Tomorrow --
TMA Homeschool --

2. There are more opportunities to excel academically in homeschooling. Not only that the curriculum can be solid and in-depth but the child is given more chance to comprehend and fully absorb the lessons because the curriculum is built on the purpose of the educators who shaped the homeschooling curriculum for the student to succeed and not just to be graded. If given the right motivation and time, a child can have tremendous motivation to learn independence and thirst for knowledge.

2.1 Homeschooling has the elements fully geared to instruct, inform, incite, and insulate the student from distracting factors which abound in the regular school setting.

3. There is a better chance to boost my child's confidence level and self-image.

4. There is plenty of time for socialization and sports and other co-curricular activities. The child is not limited to the sports the regular school offers but you can choose whatever sports you or your child wants and whenever or wherever you want. There are plenty of sports or extra activities that my child has been involved with which are ballet, soccer, wall climbing, swimming, and golf. Here are some contact numbers for more information:

Ballet Philippines

Soccer --

Wall Climbing-- contact sport shops at Ayala Town Center in Alabang or at the Rockwell Shopping Mall in Makati or other sport centers.

Swimming-- Any country club has swimming lessons.

Golf --Any country club has golf lessons.

Piano Lessons --Cultural Center of the Philippines Music Division Tel. # 632 8321121